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X-Loupe AgileLite System

A powerful DSLR illumination platform for macro and micro photography at forensic crime scenes

X-Loupe® Agilelite System is a powerful DSLR illumination platform for macro and micro photography (white light or fluorescence) at forensic crime scenes. It can transform its lighting features by changing proper modules. Each module is specially designed for different photography missions at crime scenes.

X-Loupe® Agilelite System has two mission modules: 4x4 Barrel is designed to make crime scene 1:1 latent print photography efficient; Agilelite Ring is designed for biological Evidence photography and questioned documents. Both modules are patented and packed with many convenient features.

4x4 Barrel & Agilelite Ring each is equipped with two switchable illumination channels: white light & a specific fluorescence excitation wavelength. The arrangement is to reduce efforts of investigators in changing lights for white light and fluorescence photography. Different fluorescence excitation wavelengths are available to complete an ALS set.

Main features

  • Substitute the function of flashlights;
  • Enhance forensic light source;
  • Successfully lower equipment costs
    but set same effect even better.
  • Full integration with DSLR
    Collecting all the images from the scene, what you see
    is what you get.
  • Free investigator's hand
    Design not only for one hand operation, but also
    convenience and quick crime scene search.
  • Ease of use
    Agilelite is easy to learn and use, experience all new
    concept of quality photography.
  • Flexible and optional
    Whatever professional or new users by use of the
    expandable mission packs to get consistent results.

Agilelite System Outfit


AgileLite Ring

Two custom/selected light sources by way of inner and outer rings
are switchable; each ring equips 16 High Output Cree® LED.

  • Illumination of 11-segment modes vary from 4-Quadrant LED
  • 5-step dimming, intensity is from 20-100%.
  • By quick-release magnet adapter to connect to DSLR camera.
  • By rotating the vari -focal ring of lighting to alter the illumination
    angle from degree 0 to 45, makes the adjustment of parallel
    light turned to focus light is easy.

4x4 Barrel by quick-release magnet adapter to connect to camera. The barrel length is designed as a fixed working distance, is dedicated for the latent fingerprint shooting.