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XRY PinPoint

An advanced solution comprised of compact hardware and powerful software that enables users to extract and decode data from non-standard mobile devices

 XRY PinPoint

PinPoint is not just another chinese chipset solution. It is an advanced solution comprised of compact hardware and powerful software. Fully integrated with XRY, it uses the familiar and easy to use interface of the application.

PinPoint enables users to extract and decode data from non-standard mobile devices. With non-standard mobile devices the forensic challenge is the connector, where the pin-out varies and may not even be known. PinPoint is able to automatically detect the pin-out configuration, in order to communicate with the mobile device.

PinPoint is fully integrated with XRY, allowing the user to take advantage of its powerful decoding functionality. The added support for physical extraction of non-standard devices is enabled upon activation of the PinPoint module. PinPoint is primarily a software solution and is therefore easy to update in future versions of XRY. This also means that PinPoint can be installed on any computer running XRY.

PinPoint supports devices with chipsets from MediaTek, Spreadtrum, Coolsand and Infinion. In addition to the verified device profiles in XRY, there are also generic profiles that allow the solution to work with even more devices. The hardware is very compact and is well-suited to work in the field.

XRY PinPoint Key Features

  • Automatic pin definition/ Auto detect pin-out
  • Physical extraction
  • Bypass user lock code
  • Data decoding
  • Report generation
  • Binary file export
  • Binary file import

Included in the XRY PinPoint Package

PinPoint is developed and delivered by MSAB to be the most user friendly and capable non-standard mobile device solution. It runs on a separate license and requires the user to have an XRY Physical license.

  • Interface Cable
  • Binder
  • Adapter Kit (33 tips)
  • Power Cable Alligator
  • Power Cable Clips
  • Power Cable PCB
  • Pouch