AIM Technologies

Logicube Forensic Falcon-NEO

Forensic Imager

Falcon-NEO Forensic Imager.

  • Extreme speed, imaging at surpassing 50GB/min*. Clone PCIe to PCIe at speeds over 90GB/min
  • Image directly to/from Thunderbolt™ 3/USB-C external storage enclosures with an optional I/O card
  • Image & verify from up to 5 source to up to 9 destination drives for ultra-efficient imaging
  • Concurrent Image+Verify feature. Verification starts shortly after imaging process begins, significantly reducing the image plus verification process time
  • Write-blocked preview & triage directly on the Falcon-NEO
  • File Browser feature allows you to view contents of dd, e01, ex01, and dmg image files created by Falcon-NEO
  • Logical Imaging feature creates a logical image using pre-set, custom filters, file signature files and keyword search to capture only specific files needed
  • Image to/from a network location using two 10GbE connections for fast network imaging performance and to minimize bottlenecks
  • Image from a laptop using our iSCSI boot client or from a Mac®computer using Target Disk Mode without removing the hard drive.
  • Multi-task. Perform image, wipe, hash tasks simultaneously. Little or no speed degradation when imaging from two sources to two destinations
  • Secure sensitive evidence data with whole disk, open standard, drive encryption using the NIST recommended XTS-AES-256 cipher mode, decrypt using Falcon-NEO or Veracrypt
  • Network Traffic Capture. Capture network traffic, VOIP, internet activity
  • FireWire® support. Use the optional FireWire Module to image to/from FireWire enclosures