AIM Technologies

Crime-lite ML PRO

Tool for checking evidence

The Crime-lite ML PRO is the first in a new generation of evidence screening tools built to meet the demands of busy forensic laboratories tasked with processing large quantities of evidence.
With fully-integrated UV-Vis-IR illumination and an ‘intelligent optics’ imaging system, the ML PRO can be used to mark-up evidence, detecting the presence of bodily fluids and locating
minute fragments of trace evidence. Examinations are conducted using the system's 10" touchscreen display and can be displayed in high-resolution via an attached 32” monitor. Pre-set examinations and automatic
filter selection make the system quick and easy to use.

Rapid evidence screening:

  • Semen
  • Blood
  • Saliva
  • Vaginal Fluids

Fully-integrated hardware:

The ML PRO includes all hardware required for the screening, detection and digital mark-up of evidence.

Hardware features include:
• High-resolution UV/Vis/IR camera with zoom lens
• Flood, side and spot LED light sources
• Motorised fluorescence imaging filter wheel
• 10” LCD display with internal processor
• No PC required

‘App-style’ interface:

Operated via the integral touchscreen, an ‘app-driven’ interface simplifies the evidence screening process.
Software features include:
• Manual or semi-automated operation
• Choice of pre-programmed routines
• Search by evidence-type or illumination waveband
• Intelligent filter selection
• Image comparison and enhancement tools