AIM Technologies

Crime-lite X(5) Serology

Multispectral light source

Crime-lite X(10) Serology

Unrivalled functionality via simple LCD interface:

  • Quickly cycle through illumination wavebands
  • Select multi-LED wavelength combinations
  • Adjust illumination output intensity
  • Self-test ISO standard performance check
  • Integral dark adaptation checker
  • Battery Status
    run time/power source

1.25” Integrated Display:

Take complete control of Crime-lite X functions and monitor light source performance via the integral LCD display panel.

370 Minutes Runtime:

Provides over 6-hours runtime on a single charge. USB Micro input enables the Crime-lite X to operate via an external powerbank.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Use the dedicated Crime-lite X mobile phone app to operate and monitor a single light source or to group multiple units for a variety of applications.

Detect More Evidence using Crime-lite PRO Vision Lenses:

Foster+Freeman PRO Vision is a unique interchangeable lens filter technology designed to increase the contrast and visibility of evidence under high-intensity illumination. Featuring an anti-glare dichroic coating to prevent auto- fluorescence, PRO Vision viewing lenses attach (via magnets) to a lightweight and comfortable goggle headset allowing the user to quickly switch between viewing wavebands on the fly.