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Belkasoft Remote Acquisition

Software for remote data removal from hard drives, memory dumps, connected mobile devices, as well as for copying selected data types

 Belkasoft Remote Acquisition


Belkasoft Remote Acquisition (Belkasoft R) is a new product for digital forensics and corporate incident investigation, designed specifically for remote data removal from hard drives, memory dumps, connected mobile devices, and even copying selected data types. Belkasoft R will be useful in cases where an incident investigator or a digital criminologist needs to quickly collect data, and the devices under investigation are located in different geographical locations.

Key benefits:

Easy to set up

- You can configure an agent to pull data inside your network in just a few clicks, using various deployment methods such as GPO or WMI.

Support for multiple operating systems

- Does your network consist of both Windows and macOS computers? Belkasoft R supports both systems!

Easy and intuitive data extraction

- Select one or more endpoints and then select the sources from which you want to extract data: hard disk, RAM, mobile device, or a specific type of file, such as documents or images.

Mobile device support

- Extract data from both iOS and Android devices located remotely!

Support for various network configurations

- Connect to endpoints on both local and global networks, including subnets behind routers, and get remote access even with VPN enabled.

Fast partial data withdrawal

"In a hurry?" Select only the types of artifacts you are interested in, this will help you save valuable time.

Manage your network bandwidth with a flexible schedule

- Belkasoft R allows you to specify the time of extraction and loading, which means that you can plan a mass download of data to the server at night, without compromising the bandwidth of your network during working hours.

Is the network too big?

- Belkasoft R helps you break up endpoints in several ways: by giving them a name, a group, a location, and even a color. With the help of convenient filters based on different criteria, you can edit properties and remove data from multiple devices at the same time: for example, from devices from the same office or marked with the same color!