AIM Technologies

PC Crash

Software for the Simulation of car accidents

PC-Crash enables the reconstruction and analysis of vehicle accidents and other incidents. More than 6000 installations of the software show that it has become one of the leading tools for traffic accident reconstruction.  Our main users for research, education and reconstruction are accident reconstruction offices, police stations, insurance companies, automotive industry and universities. The included models are validated during the last 20 years by several publications and countless crashtests.

Collisions up to 32 vehicles can be simulated in 2D and also in 3D. Car to car accidents, car to motorcycles , car to pedestrian accidents, occupant movement and also roll over can be calculated.

Several databases of all common cars and motorcycles are included in PC-Crash, special vehicles can be created by the user easily.

The integrated drawing program enables the user to design scene sketches, predefined road objects (2D and 3D) can be loaded.

With the 3D window the user can see the calculations simultanously or by using the onscreen animation. The results can be rendered as animations and saved as AVI files. For a more realistic view, several 3D models are provided with the program.

An online database including several hundreds of true to scale images of cars is available with the new Version.