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XRY Office

An all-in-one mobile forensic system combining both our logical and physical solutions into one package

XRY is the all-in-one mobile forensic system from MSAB; combining both our logical and physical solutions into one package. XRY allows investigators full access to all the possible methods to recover data from a mobile device.

XRY is a purpose built software based solution, complete with all the necessary hardware for recovering data from mobile devices in a forensically secure manner. With XRY you can achieve more and go deeper into a mobile device to recover vital data. With a combination of logical and physical analysis tools available for supported devices; XRY can produce a combined report containing both live and deleted data from the same handset.

The XRY system is the first choice among law enforcement agencies worldwide, and represents a complete mobile forensic system supplied with all the necessary equipment you need to perform a forensic examination of a mobile device – straight out of the box.

XRY Key Features

  • SIM Card Reading and Cloning
  • Mobile Device Logical and Physical Examinations
  • Tablet & GPS Devices Examinations
  • Memory Card Logical and Physical Examinations
  • HEX Viewer
  • Hash Algorithms
  • File Signature Analysis
  • Selective Extraction of Data


  • PC: Intel® Atom Processor 1.33 GHz, 1 GB RAM, Minimum 2 USB ports
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows 8 (64bit)
  • Warranty: Standard 24 months, extendable by XRY license renewal

Included in the XRY Package

The supplied XRY software application runs on Windows and is powerful enough to deal with all of the modern demands of forensic examiners. The user interface is simple to navigate, with a user friendly wizard designed to help guide you through the entire process from start to finish, so you can immediately start to recover data with confidence.

  • XRY Application Software and License Key
  • Briefcase with Cable Organizer
  • XRY Communication Unit
  • XRY Office Mobile Phone Cable Kit
  • SIM id-Cloner Device with 12 month License
  • 5 Rewritable SIM id-Cloner Examination Cards
  • Write Protected Universal Memory Card Reader