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Belkasoft Evidence Center X

An easy-to-use, integrated solution for collecting and analyzing digital evidence

 Belkasoft Evidence Center X


Belkasoft Evidence Center X makes it easy for an investigator to search, analyze, store and share digital evidence found on the hard drive or the computer's volatile memory. The toolkit will extract digital evidence from multiple sources by analyzing hard drives, volatile memory dumps, iOS, Blackberry and Android backups, UFED, JTAG and chip-off dumps. Evidence Center will help investigators quickly locate and analyze information found in social network remnants, instant messenger logs, internet browser histories, mailboxes of popular email clients, peer-to-peer data, multi-player game chats, office documents, pictures, videos, encrypted files, mobile backups, system and registry files.

Low level analysis is also possible with the help of SQLite Viewer, Registry Viewer, Plist Viewer, File System Explorer and Hex Viewer.


Belkasoft Evidence Center offers an easy-to-use, integrated solution for collecting and analyzing digital evidence. The product is a perfect match for law enforcement, military, intelligence and business customers.

  • Forensically sound solution 
    Does not alter or modify data on hard drives or disk images being investigated.
  • Looks everywhere
    Analyzes hard drives, Live RAM captures, page and hibernation files, Windows Registry, the content of virtual machines, forensic disk images, Android, iOS and Blackberry backups, UFED, JTAG and chip-off dumps.
  • Sophisticated analysis
    Enables full-text search through all acquired evidence. Offers comprehensive analysis of time periods of interest via a graphic Timeline.
  • Comprehensive examination 
    Discovers more than 600 types of artifacts, supporting all major document and media types, system files, email clients, instant messengers, browsers, social networks, P2P and file transfer tools etc. The search includes unallocated and re-allocated disk space, $MFT, $Log, Volume Shadow Copy and other special Windows areas. Supports SQLite analysis, including freelist and unallocated SQLite space extraction.
  • Less missing evidence 
    Looks for hidden data, searches unusual places and examines files in little-known formats to discover more evidence than ever.
  • Blazing fast operation 
    Analyzes information at the rate of disk data transfer, utilizing today's multi-core CPU's to their max.
  • Easy to share evidence
    The free Evidence Reader add-on offers an easy way to to transfer or share collected evidence at no extra charge.
  • Quick to learn and easy to use 
    Designed to be usable in the field, Belkasoft Evidence Center is extremely easy to operate, and feasible even for single-incident investigations.
  • Usable in the field 
    Portable edition can be plugged into any PC with no installation or configuration required.
  • Reports can be presented in court 
    Generates clean and concise reports that can be presented to the court.
  • Recovers destroyed evidence 
    Data carving allows locating evidence that was deleted, destroyed, or never stored on the hard drive at all (page file, hibernation file and live RAM analysis).
  • Extendable
    BelkaScript scripting engine allows user to write own custom scripts endlessly extending the product functionality.
  • Collaboration support 
    Enterprise edition allows working on cases together with set permissions and centralized data storage.
  • Trusted solution 
    Forensic investigators all over the world, Fortune 500 companies and multiple private security specialists use Belkasoft software. Customers include the FBI, the US Army, German police, and more than thousand government organizations from over 60 countries.

Major Features

  • Case Management
    Evidence can be stored broken by cases (optional component)
  • Evidence Reader
    Allows unlimited sharing of discovered evidence at no extra charge
  • Data Carving and Live Memory Analysis 
    Recovers deleted and destroyed evidence as well as evidence stored in memory dumps, page and hibernation files. More onLive memory (RAM) analysis and page/hibernation file analysis
  • Native SQLite parsing with freelist/unallocated support and built-in viewer
    Recovers corrupted and incomplete SQLite databases, restores deleted records and cleared history files. Prosesses freelists, unallocated, journal/transaction files
  • Enhanced Live RAM Analysis with BelkaCarving™
    Sophisticated BelkaCarving algorithm carefully reconstructs fragmented chunks into contiguous pieces of information, allowing the tool to extract broken pieces such as databases, recently viewed images, documents and other types of data that no other tool can access.
  • Timeline
    Offers an aggregated view of all user activities regardless of data source including all supported email clients, instant messengers, social networks etc. in both textual and graphical representation
  • Windows Registry support
    Automatically locates, parses and carves registry hives, extracting many types of valuable evidence. Handy built-int regedit-like viewer shows even badly damaged or corrupted files, particularly those resulting from carving of registries from unallocated space
  • Kernel-Mode RAM Capturer
    Portable kernel-mode Live RAM Capturer available free of charge to acquire system memory sets protected with active anti-dedugging systems
  • Industry standard
    Mounts EnCase, AFF, DMG, Atola, SMART and DD images including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X drives as well as virtual machine drives, such as VMWare and Virtual PC. Integrated with EnCase v.7 and Passware Kit Forensic
  • Large case support 
    Cases containing hundreds of gigabytes of evidence are supported
  • Easy collaboration 
    Enterprise edition allows for multi-user simultaneous work
  • Persistent data analysis 
    Analyzed data will be persistently stored in the database