AIM Technologies

Seminar "New Fingermark Development System RECOVER LFT"

08-09 April 2019 LLC AIM Technologies LLC together with the manufacturer Foster+Freeman held a scientific and practical seminar. During the seminar, the latest RECOVER system was demonstrated, which is designed to detect hidden traces on metal objects that have been exposed to high temperatures (spent cartridges, shells of explosive devices, etc.), were under water or were previously washed with cleaning solutions to remove finger marks.

The demonstration of the RECOVER system was conducted by a representative of the manufacturer - Romain Le Boa (a leading specialist in the use of forensic equipment).



The RECOVER system was developed by Foster+Freeman in collaboration with the UK Ministry of Defence Laboratory for scientific and technical research (Dstl), the UK home office's Centre for scientific and technical applications (CAST) and Loughborough University.






For more information about the application areas of the RECOVERY system, see our brochure.