AIM Technologies

Innovative solutions for the detection of seminal fluid at CSI and in the laboratory

Our company has received an official confirmation of the status of the exclusive representative of the company "DATA Science" SAS on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

The innovative solutions of this company are widely used by experts around the world to detect and identify traces of seminal fluid at the scene and on the human body.
Now you can purchase from us the following products of the STKS perm Tracker line:
STK Spray - a means sprayed on objects examined at the scene to detect traces of seminal fluid.
STK Skin is a spray for detecting traces of seminal fluid on human skin and hair.
STK Lab - reagent-soaked sheets of paper for detecting traces of seminal fluid on the objects under study in the laboratory.
*You can find out more about the new products in the catalog on our website.