AIM Technologies

Scientific and practical seminar in the field of technical research of documents

During the seminar, representatives of the manufacturer Foster+Freeman and Aim Technologies LLC conducted a practical demonstration of the VSC8000HS research-level video spectral comparator, as well as new developments of the company:

  • VSC Padi is a professional video spectral system for the study of documents in high resolution;
  • VSC80/VSC80i - expert-level video spectral comparators;
  • VSC Link - software solutions for remote control and network use of video spectral comparators.

The speakers at the seminar were:

Roman Le Bloa - Regional Sales Director of Foster+Freeman;

Timofeev Igor Igorevich - General Director of LLC "Aim Technologies".

At the end of the seminar, all the participants were issued personal certificates.


If you would like to get acquainted with the materials of the seminar, send your request by e-mail: aimtech@aimtech.ru or gerasimova@aimtech.ru