AIM Technologies

Scientific and practical seminar in the field of modern fingerprinting and forensic biology

During the seminar, a practical demonstration of the equipment was held:
- Crime-lite AUTO - multispectral light system for detecting and photo-video recording of traces in various light ranges, including visible, ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR);
- Crime-lite Laser - mobile forensic lasers of blue and green light;
- Crime-lite X - LED expert light source, 10-band, for a wide range of research,
as well as an overview of new developments by Foster+Freeman and AXO Science:
- STK Sperm Tracker is the latest reagent for detecting traces of seminal fluid for further DNA analysis;
- Crime-lite MLPRO - laboratory multispectral expert light system for automatic detection and photo-video recording of traces;
- CBRN Masks - a mask for a criminalist (expert) with replaceable light filters and a respiratory protection filter;
- AARI - automatic system for detecting and photoregistration of handprints on paper in various light ranges;
- Recover is an innovative system for detecting handprints on metal surfaces.
The speakers at the seminar were:
Roman Le Bloa - Regional Sales Director of Foster+Freeman;
Florian Farin - Official representative of AXO Science, Sales Manager;
Timofeev Igor Igorevich - General Director of LLC "Aim Technologies".
At the end of the seminar, all the participants were issued personal certificates.

If you would like to get acquainted with the materials of the seminar, send your request by e-mail: aimtech@aimtech.ru or gerasimova@aimtech.ru