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STK Spray

Spray to detect sperm on various objects at the scene

 STK Spray

STK spray, a specific reagent for the detection of seminal fluid.

Sprayed directly at the scene of the incident (floor, furniture, wall, door handles, sink, tree leaves, grass ...), to accurately determine the location of the
seminal fluid of the attacker.

Features of STK Spray:

  • Sensitivity - will not miss a single trace of seminal fluid;
  • Cost-effectiveness - will reduce the time and money for the study of false positive results. Only seminal fluid will be visible, even if it is mixed with other bodily secretions;
  • Non-toxic to humans and the environment;
  • Easy to use: dilute one portion with demineralized water and spray on the object under study;
  • Does not damage DNA, compatible with extraction methods
  • ISO 18385 for criminology
  • Delivered in individual packages
  • One package is enough for about 10 m2
  • Produced in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001