AIM Technologies

International scientific and practical conference "SPECIAL forensic equipment", Moscow

February 28, 2017 (Moscow)-AIM Technologies LLC took part in the International scientific and practical conference "SPECIAL forensic equipment", which was held in the fku "NGO" Special equipment and communications "of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia. At the conference, the report "Modern tools for forensic and technical research" was made by the General Director of the company Timofeev I. I.

During the exhibition as part of the conference modern complexes for conducting forensic and technical research were demonstrated at the company's stand:

«VOCORD Videoexpert» APK for research and analysis of video recordings and static images (VOCORD Telecom, Russia);
- complex of the expert Council «DNA Crime-Lite 42S UV/IR + 82S BLUE» for detection and photo-video fixation of traces of biological origin (Foster+Freeman, great Britain);
- a complex for the collection, research and analysis of data from mobile devices, consisting of the APK «XRY Complete» (MSA, Sweden), the APK «UFED 4PC» (Cellebrite, Israel) and the SOFTWARE  «Mobile criminalistт» (oxygen software, Russia).

More information about the conference can be found here.